About Bricata

Born to Empower the Analyst. Built for the Modern Enterprise.

Bricata empowers organizations to leverage the ground truth of network traffic to mount the strongest defense, by providing total visibility and comprehensive detection, by reducing the noise and accelerating response time, and by providing better, smarter ways to hunt threats.

what drives us

What Drives Us

  • Visibility – we believe organizations deserve to see and understand the reality of what happens on their networks.
  • Integrity – we allow the truth of the data to stand on its own, and hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards.
  • Empowerment – we provide the insight and capabilities for good people to do great work to defend their organizations against cyber threats.
  • Flexibility – we support cloud, hybrid, on-prem environments using virtual or physical appliances, with an extensible platform to best support customers’ varied needs.
  • Authenticity – we communicate clearly and honestly to our customers and our market, without resorting to fear, sensationalism or overstatement.
  • Accuracy – we provide customers with the complete, unobstructed access to network traffic, the most accurate data set available for analysis.
  • Intelligibility – we provide analysts with the context to create a complete narrative of an event, both for attribution and to communicate details to leadership.
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Our Edge

  • See, Know & Act in a Single Platform

    Threat detection, analysis and threat hunting capabilities in a single, visualized platform.

  • Total Network Visibility

    Complete network visibility that eliminates blind spots and reveals the ground truth of your network in on-prem, hybrid, edge and multi-cloud environments.

  • Immediacy & Accuracy

    Get set up in minutes and gain total visibility, better detection capabilities, and real answers with every alert in a few clicks.

  • Full-Spectrum Threat Detection

    Comprehensive detection methods fuse signature inspection, stateful anomaly detection, ML-powered malware conviction and more for a multi-faceted detection lens and better efficiency.

  • Informed Threat Hunting

    Built-in, powerful threat hunting capabilities completely unique in the industry and with long-term storage included.

  • Faster, More Effective Response

    Accelerate incident response and close the gap between detection and response faster than ever.

  • For High-Performing Collaborative Security Teams

     Built specifically for security teams in large organizations and offers maximum integration and customization.

  • Next-Gen Solution for the Modern Enterprise

    A scalable, customizable solution to proactively defend networks and reduce risk in a way that meets today’s security needs and carries them into the future.

  • All You Need and Nothing You Don’t

    Pay for what you use and customize the dashboard and platform to reach your unique network objectives and goals.

Network security that’s
straightforward – not oversimplified

straight forward

network security

See Bricata in Action

End-to-End Visibility & Meaningful Visualization

Know in real-time how users, devices, systems and applications are behaving on the network, with all the high-fidelity metadata right at your fingertips.

Advanced 360° Detection & Powerful Analytics

Automatically address the known, instantly detect the unknown and see the pattern of the unknown unknowns on your network, all while virtually eliminating false positives.

Real-time Context & Insight for Alerts

Understand and know the truth in an instant about what’s really happening on your network.

Effective Response & Simple Network Instrumentation

Easily instrument your network and respond and correlate to alerts with frictionless integrations to SIEM/SOC workflows.

Advanced Forensics & Threat Hunting

Bricata’s long-term repository and powerful tools provide analysts with a way to truly investigate and validate a threat by providing enough data to accurately follow the kill-chain and assess the real damage or even prove the alert false.

Where We Come From

Some of the very best minds in network security are driving the innovation and powerful depth that defines Bricata’s next-gen NDR platform. Meet the team and learn more about the deep expertise and understanding informing our unique solutions.

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be a force

Be a Force for the Future

Bricata was born and built to empower the analyst, and we’re always looking for new, incredibly talented cyber experts who want to be a part of creating innovative solutions that truly empower enterprise security teams to do more and do better, at scale. Learn more about what defines Bricata and current career opportunities.

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