3 Important Backstories Behind the Bricata Series A Funding

3 Important Backstories Behind the Bricata Series A Funding

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Today our company announced a Series A funding round led by Edison Partners. The funding is clearly a major milestone for the company and has a meaningful impact for our customers. However, it’s important to note there are key aspects here besides just the money.

What the market should understand is that this is a growth round, which provides the capacity to scale our business even faster. This is an important nuance because this funding isn’t merely investing in an idea, it’s investing in a proven cybersecurity product. Our product is already serving an established, but underappreciated market, and is deployed and working within about a dozen large and sophisticated enterprises.

And that’s the real story here. Sure, the funding is important, but the gap left by the incumbent cybersecurity vendors has made enterprises vulnerable, and that’s the business problem we are solving. There are three key drivers behind the evolution of Bricata and those are as follows:

1) Breathing new innovation to intrusion detection.

The preponderance of emphasis in cybersecurity innovation has almost exclusively focused on endpoints. While important, this disproportionate focus has left the perimeter and the internal trusted network exposed.

Cloud, mobile, BYOD, shadow IT, and a plethora of other trends have widened the vectors of attack, and have become fundamental “blind spots,” where successfully bypassing the perimeter merely requires just one unsuspecting person to click a malicious link.

Bricata is breathing new innovation into the next generation intrusion prevention and detection market that includes advanced threat detection and threat hunting inside the enterprise to remediate this problem.

2) Beyond just signature analysis.

Incumbent cybersecurity vendors have been over-reliant on signature analysis, which while valuable, cannot, by definition, provide protection against emerging threats or threat variations.

To be clear, signatures are important, but so too is the ability to identify anomalies based on behaviors, and the capacity for AI and machine learning to defend against variants and zero-day threats.

Bricata looks at threats from three different perspectives in order to a) prevent known threats, b) detect anomalies that do not belong, and c) hunt for those threats that are hiding.

3) Integration across the cybersecurity ecosystem. 

Cyber threats continuously evolve and no vendor alone can solve the problem. More than ever, cybersecurity tools must integrate and share data across the ecosystem to provide context that enables security analytics to correlate and filter a deluge of alerts down to just those that really matter.

Bricata is engineered to be a best-of-breed detection and prevention solution that integrates easily and plays well with other vendors the enterprise already has deployed.

Decreasing Time to Detection and Remediation

No solution can prevent or stop all threats, but the right mix of tools, as part of a layered defense, can provide the flexibility and extensibility enterprises need to decrease the time to detection and remediation. That’s precisely what this funding will enable Bricata to do for more customers.

To learn more about today’s announcement, and about Bricata, please see the following resources:

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