Costs and Incidents: Visualizing the Trends in Cybersecurity [infographic]

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Of all the statistics trends in cybersecurity, it’s those that are financially related that get to the heart of the matter.

  • The average cost of a breach is $7.35 million (U.S.)
  • CISOs on average earn $273,000 (U.S.)
  • VC have invested $3.5 billion into 400+ startups [including Bricata]
  • Researchers estimate spending on security defenses will rise to $1 trillion by 2021
  • About one-third (35%) of organizations expect their security budgets to increase

Still, it’s important to remember that the costs and investments move in response to the threats, which seem to evolve exponentially:

  • Ransomware attacks have grown by 50%
  • About half (46%) of organizations have experienced a security breach or incident
  • 80% of cybersecurity leaders think their organization will be attacked

These statistics were compiled in a previous post titled, 20 Staggering Statistics Summing Up the State of Cybersecurity, where we also linked to the underlying source for those interested in greater detail.  We recently transformed some of the more significant data points into a comprehensive infographic that characterizes the state of cybersecurity at the end of 2017.

The complete infographic is embedded nearby.


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