Use Cases of the Bricata Platform for Better Network Security

Bricata provides four critical capabilities for comprehensive network protection: visibility, threat detection, threat investigation/hunting, and post-detection actions; all integrated into a single solution that is easy to deploy, use and manage to protect networks from the most sophisticated threats.

Since the end of 2017, we’ve more than doubled the number of customers we serve, as we continue to develop new features and benefits for our platform. Here are several use cases that illustrate how our solution solves a range of network security challenges.

1) Eliminating the fatigue of DIY

A global company that develops media content had been operating and maintaining open source security tools for network protection. While things worked well, over time, the team unknowingly was spending a significant amount of their time on operational and maintenance tasks like configuration management, signature updates and server patching rather than actual network security.

Then the company discovered Bricata had integrated the open source security tools they were already using, and more, into a simple but comprehensive platform that is easy-to-deploy, centrally administered and largely self-managing. Bricata removed the burden of the necessary, but time-consuming tasks that come with a do-it-yourself security solution, which in turn, allowed the security team to focus on protecting their network.

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2) Connecting networks after an M&A transaction in healthcare

A large healthcare provider had acquired multiple medical practices. While the healthcare provider’s network was highly secure, the network security of the independent medical practices varied. The company needed to connect to all of these networks to facilitate business, but this presented a significant risk to the enterprise.

Bricata enabled them to securely connect to the networks of the acquired practices quickly; deploying a Bricata sensor between the enterprise and a practice’s network. The solution gave the healthcare provider what they needed – critical network protection in an easy-to-use formfactor with a simple and repeatable process to connect any type and size of the network segment.

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3) Flyaway kits to speed incident response

Flyaway kits contain all of the critical network visibility, threat detection, threat hunting, and post-detection action capabilities in a portable formfactor that can be quickly deployed wherever and whenever it’s needed. Flyaway kits are useful when an incident is emerging and:

    • an IT environment is not properly instrumented;
    • the response team is unfamiliar with the IT environment; and
    • incident responders lack the tools and data to conduct a proper threat investigation.

Some of the key benefits of flyaway kits include instant visibility, a predictable and consistent analysis platform, portability and a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

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If there are similar challenges your organization is facing, we invite you to learn more about the Bricata platform. In addition, some of the new features we’ve just added are summarized here – 3 Cool New Network Security Features in the Bricata Platform you Might have Missed. Finally, if you’d like to see our solution in action, you are welcome to schedule a live demonstration.

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