Bricata Adds Two More Veteran Cyber Security Executives to Roster

Bricata Press Release

Ability to Attract Premier Talent Viewed as Additional Market Validation for a New and Unique Approach to Next Generation Intrusion Prevention and Detection

May 2, 2017 – Columbia, Md. –  Bricata, Inc, a developer of network intrusion detection and prevention solutions, announced today it has added two more veteran cyber security executives to its leadership team. Druce MacFarlane joins as vice president of Products and Marketing, while Randy Fallis joins as vice president of Sales and Customer Strategy.   The two new executives add more depth to an existing management team with an impressive track record for solving complex problems in the cyber security space.

MacFarlane’s previous role was assisting McAfee with its business transition, as the company was spun off from Intel Corporation. He has also held product management and marketing leadership roles with Cyphort, FireEye, Aruba and Netscout.

Fallis joins Bricata from Cybereason, where he served as head of North American Sales and helped the company restructure and expand its enterprise sales organization. He has also served in sales management roles for KBACE, ShapeUP, Oracle – and notably Rapid7 which went IPO in 2015 during his tenure where he built the sales organization.

Both executives cite the fresh innovation Bricata is breathing into next-generation intrusion detection and prevention – along with advanced threat detection and hunting – as an attractive opportunity. Bricata provides enterprise security with a different way to hunt for new threats inside the corporate firewall as part of an integrated and layered cyber security posture.

“Many of the major breaches are sourced to a threat that slipped past the perimeter and surreptitiously lived on the network for long periods of time before detonating and beginning the process of data extraction,” said Bricata CEO John Trauth. “The modern security organization is in dire need of innovative prevention and detection tools that hunt and ferret out threats from within the network – but without slowing the speed of business.”

Bricata brings together a unique combination of detection engines to produce a best-of-breed network security solution to enterprise and government customers. The solution is easy-to-use, integrates seamlessly with existing security products, such as SIEMs, and the appliance provides full packet capture for forensic analysis without sacrificing network speed.

The Bricata network security solution includes:

  • Pattern detection and signature analysis;
  • Anomaly detecting and scripting for new threats; and
  • Zero-day protection leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning through a recent agreement with Cylance.

“Conceptually, we are applying new innovation to a well-defined problem – and doing so in a way that enables our customers to immediately begin using the product to quickly identify and remediate threats,” added Trauth. “We view our ability to attract seasoned talent like Randy and Druce as validation of our approach – and welcome their mental contributions to solving this important problem.”

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