Bricata Launches its ProAccel Threat Mitigation System in Commercial and Federal Markets

Bricata Press Release

Scalable network security solution outperforms market leaders

VIENNA, VA, September 16, 2014 – Bricata, Inc, a leader in next generation intrusion prevention (NGIPS) security, today announced that its Bricata ProAccel Threat Mitigation System is now available to both commercial and federal customers in both appliance and Cloud-based configurations. This new offering delivers a full complement of next-generation security capabilities to defend against sophisticated, modern attacks. ProAccel provides unparalleled power and speed to ensure timely and actionable threat detection, even deep in your network’s core! It is the ideal solution for organizations with significant security concerns, but have limited budgets for technology and staff.

“Bricata’s integrated, unified solution provides superior performance and value while leveraging any existing firewall investment,” says Bricata CEO John Trauth. “It is designed for both small and large organizations that understand the need for improved security, but have budget constraints or limited security personal to operate disparate systems. It’s also an ideal product for organizations looking to consolidate multiple tools for simplified management or more cost-effective scalability.”

The Bricata solution delivers multiple security functions normally found in stand-alone products, with a simplified management interface to make operations and maintenance much easier than navigating disparate tools.

At the nucleus of the Bricata product is the open-source Suricata engine. Suricata’s multi-threaded processing capabilities and superior accuracy make it the ideal next generation intrusion prevention solution (NGIPS) to defend high-volume networks. Delivered as single appliance, Bricata offers a value-centric solution that unifies threat management. In addition to NGIPS, Bricata includes SSL decryption, full packet capture, log aggregation, correlation and management, data protection and exfiltration prevention, web content filtering, application profiling, and policy enforcement.

Designed to provide security at the core of the network where 80% of threats occur, Bricata’s fully integrated ProAccel solution is available in six speeds – 500 Mbps, and at 1, 5, 10, 40 and 100 Gbps – giving it the flexibility to protect networks large and small.

“Bricata provides speed without sacrificing performance,” co-founder and CTO Iain Davison explains. “Using a multi-threaded architecture, ProAccel is truly a ‘protection accelerator” tuned specifically to threat detection deep in your network’s core, inspecting all seven layers of the stack versus the three layers inspected by other products, Bricata captures 99% of malicious attacks based on benchmarking parameters developed by NSS Labs.”

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