A Buyer’s Guide to Comprehensive Network Protection

The Four Pillars of Network Security

Networks are the virtual hallways of modern business. Businesses are so reliant on their networks that when a network goes down, the business goes down too. A compromised network represents a clear monetary risk to a business along with damage to the brand, reputation and the confidence of customers.

Since a network is critical to the well-being of a business, protection is not optional, it’s mandatory.

The Comprehensive Network Protection Buyer’s Guide outlines the capabilities and features that should be considered when evaluating network security technologies:

  • Network visibility
  • Full-spectrum threat detection
  • Threat hunting
  • Post-detection actions

Download this buyer’s guide for tips to evaluate network security tools that can provide truly comprehensive network protection to help you safeguard the networks you rely on.

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Bricata Included as a Representative Vendor in the Inaugural Market Guide for Network Traffic Analysis by Gartner, Inc.
“Applying behavioral analysis to network traffic is helping enterprises detect suspicious traffic that other security tools are missing,” wrote Gartner analysts.
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