Play Offense: Proactive Hunting For Unknown Threats


A new kind of security organization is emerging with a mindset to play to win. No one ever won a game playing only defense. Winning in security today means deploying a proactive offense—finding the unknown before it can hurt your enterprise’s most valued assets.

Play Offense- Proactive Hunting for Unknown Threats

The emerging security organization has an integrated, holistic and layered approach providing complete visibility to their security practices and tools to both keep the attackers out, but also to proactively hunt for anomalies inside the network and prevent cyber attacks on the endpoints using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Modern threat detection in the new security organization has both an offense and a defense, providing complete visibility, reducing costs, and managing complexity with speed to containment and remediation.

In this webinar from Bricata and Cylance, you will learn how the architecture of the emerging security organization can:

  • Defend for what you know
  • Hunt for what you don’t know
  • Analyze and inspect the threat
  • Identify malware within the network

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