Solving the IDPS Challenges in Enterprise Healthcare


Security Insights for Healthcare

Current research shows the healthcare community experienced more than 340 breaches in 2017. This continues a generally upward trajectory trend over the last three years. The fact is, healthcare organizations are often viewed as priority targets for bad actors because of the uniquely personal data they often store or transmit.

With rising budget challenges in healthcare, many institutions still use legacy IT infrastructure, and providers often integrate new organizations where minimal attention was paid to IT security infrastructure and the task seems insurmountable. How do you secure a diverse collection of healthcare providers under such constraints?

View our on-demand webinar featuring Steve Swansbrough, “Solving the IDPS Challenges in Enterprise Healthcare.” A senior director of enterprise security portfolio at a Fortune 10 healthcare company with 22 years of experience in IT and cybersecurity, Steve shared his experience and insights in addressing the challenges of absorbing new organizations with heterogeneous security practices under a single security umbrella.

Tune into the webinar to learn:

  • The key security issues facing healthcare
  • A practical use case for IDPS across the security stack
  • Impact of an evolving landscape including
  • Considerations for navigating security with budget constraints
  • How to work with DevOps to introduce new products

Watch now to glean insights for securing your healthcare security infrastructure.

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