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Sophisticated threat actors are the ones who can find the smallest vulnerabilities in your cyber defenses. Threat hunting has emerged as a powerful tool to find them. A recent study indicated 40% of security organizations have threat hunting programs in place today. What’s more, the other 60% plan to build one out over the next three years.

Threat Hunting- Finding Hidden & Undetected Network ThreatsThreat hunting addresses the nagging fear that threats are getting around your threat detection systems or have done so already and lurk unseen ready to strike at any time.

This recorded webinar, “Threat Hunting: Finding Hidden & Undetected Network Threats” features Tim Crothers, noted security leader and author, who discusses how you can mitigate your risk and improve your security posture with threat hunting.

During the webinar, Tim reviews:

  • Top reasons for threat hunting
  • How threat hunting works
  • Threat hunting outcomes
  • Identify good places to start threat hunting
  • How to execute a threat hunt and identify threats


TC_imageTim Crothers is a seasoned security leader with over 20 years of experience building and running information security programs, large and complex incident response and breach investigations, and threat and vulnerability assessments. He has deep experience in cyber-threat intelligence, reverse engineering, computer forensics, intrusion detection, and threat hunting. Tim is the author/co-author of 15 books to date and regularly conducts training and speaks at information security conferences around the world.

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