Technical Specifications

Bricata is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses to large enterprises and data centers. A deployment consists of locating Bricata sensors on your networks and in your clouds where you want comprehensive visibility and threat protection, and staging a single Bricata central management console (CMC) in your data center or in your cloud to monitor network traffic, receive alerts, hunt threats, and manage the entire system.

Bricata’s SA and SB physical sensors are delivered as appliances on high-efficiency hardware, while our VSA virtual sensors provide the flexibility and ease of deployment desirable for today’s virtualized and cloud environments. Bricata’s CMC is also available in both physical appliance and virtualized software forms to give you unconstrained options in deployment.


Bricata captures (PCAPs), reveals (Bro Logs), generates (alerts and scores), and assembles (forensic evidence) a lot of data that is valuable to improving the effectiveness of other cybersecurity systems (SIEMs, Endpoint, Incident Response).  Bricata’s open APIs (RESTful) and exchange formats (JSON, Syslog, CEF) enables it to dovetail with your existing cybersecurity fabric immediately.

Bricata Base Architecture Central Management Console Diagram

Technical Specifications

Sensor Portfolio

Central Management Console


Bricata and Garland Technology Announce Partnership
Technology Partnership delivers total network visibility and threat hunting to accelerate detection and response
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