Who Uses Bricata

Enterprises, security teams and analysts alike trust Bricata because it’s a balanced, powerful platform that drives customer value, reduces risk and optimizes security performance better than any other platform.

High Performing Enterprise Security Teams

  • Monitor edge, multi-cloud and hybrid environments with full visibility
  • Easily instrument your network
  • Detect and respond to threats in real time
  • Multi-faceted advanced detection engines provide a 360° approach to analyzing threats
  • Accurate detection that lowers the noise
  • Visualized, flexible network views
  • Meaningful insights and sophisticated analytics
  • Access rich metadata instantly

Threat Hunters & Experienced Analysts

  • Fully-indexed long term repository of rich network metadata and SmartPCAP
  • Conduct insightful forensics analysis at the click of a button
  • Access everything you want for every alert
  • Global search and exports capability
  • Intuitive user experience saves time during investigations

Security Leaders & Executives

  • Dramatically increase visibility and  improve enterprise security posture
  • Better protection for customer data and assets
  • Secure IoT and cloud environments with one single solution
  • Manage shadow IT behaviors
  • Reduce security risk exposure

Innovative Security Service Providers

  • Enterprise SOC teams looking to upgrade security and improve efficiency
  • MSSP and MDR providers are interested in delivering the most effective solutions to customers
  • Incident Response teams who want better forensics and metadata to accelerate efforts and reduce response times

Ways They Use Bricata

See How It Works

See How It Works