Extend your visibility and strengthen your cybersecurity investments

Bricata supplies network cybersecurity solutions that help organizations to harness the power of complete network visibility to detect, hunt, and prevent threats with the only platform that integrates signature inspection, anomaly detection, and malware conviction engine.

Bricata’s platform combines micro-second malware analysis, next-generation IDS/IPS, enriched network metadata, full packet capture, and enterprise management into a single integrated platform, enabling organizations to achieve complete visibility while reducing operating costs.

This flexible, compound engine solution provides:

  • High performance signature detection compatible with most standardized threat intelligence sources
  • Extensible enriched metadata collection to identify network anomalies
  • Open data exchange to share threat data with your entire security ecosystem
  • Process automation and streamlined operations
  • Reduced complexity, dwell time, and time to containment
  • The most effective, affordable solution for situational awareness and proactive threat defense

Everyone is a target

A specialized component-based approach to today’s advanced, persistent, and coordinated attacks leaves organizations with a stack of tools to manage, lack of visibility across the network, and inconsistent security policies.

Cyber attack statistics show us the hardest hit industries include:








Bricata’s flexible, compound, optimized engine will detect tomorrow’s threats, as well as today’s.

  • Detection engine compatible with Bro script, Snort, and Suricata rules, optimized for modern hardware
  • Multi-threaded, multi-processor systems to inspect traffic and employ a larger rules base
  • Network behavior engine, customizable using Bro script, that locates otherwise undetectable anomalies and attacks
  • Sensor-integrated malware conviction engine, powered by Cylance machine learning-based detection, that identifies malware in near real-time
  • Detection schema and strategies only limited by the operator’s imagination
  • Customizable through Bro scripts, define the data you need to collect to better manage your network assets
  • Extensibility allowing configuration on the fly as new types of attacks are discovered or new types of communications are introduced
  • Full packet capture for a complete, historical view of events and transactions where your data doesn’t tell you what you need


Get a complete view and identify how threats operate in your environment with customizable, continuous monitoring.


Extend the value of your security ecosystem investments and leverage the power of the security community.

  • Open standards for threat intelligence allowing access to best-in-class sources
  • Natively compatible with the gold standard of network-based threat intelligence and scripts, so common threat feeds “just work”
  • Exchanges incident data with the rest of your security ecosystem to keep all tools on the same page, working together
  • Committed to the open source community of developers making software more secure and robust

Learn what sets Bricata apart

Bricata and Garland Technology Announce Partnership
Technology Partnership delivers total network visibility and threat hunting to accelerate detection and response
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