Bricata® is proud to announce it is now part of the OpenText™ family.

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Bricata is leading the next generation of advanced network detection and response for the enterprise. By fusing real-time visibility, advanced detection, analysis, forensics, incident response and threat hunting into a single platform, Bricata provides organizations with end-to-end visibility and full context for direct answers and powerful insight to take immediate action.

Comprehensive Network Detection & Response Platform

The right data, at the right time, to get the right answer.

Bricata fills the gap between “alert-cannon” and “black-box” network security solutions that bury security teams in false positives while remaining blind to their network’s vulnerabilities and unknown threats, providing a single, powerful platform to efficiently and effectively protect enterprise network environments in real-time.

With signature inspection, stateful anomaly detection, and machine learning-powered malware conviction, Bricata saves security teams from wasting time with misleading alerts and provides end-to-end visibility to see and know the truth about their network.

  1. Companies

    can quickly eliminate blind spots in their environment in the data center or the cloud  and easily scale

  2. Security Teams

    can maximize talent and be more efficient and effective

  3. Analyst

    can see real-time metadata, tune detections and get direct answers quickly

Bricata delivers total visibility, context, detection and response in a single platform.

All in one
See it all
Know it all
  • ML-Based Malware Conviction

    Automated analysis performed instantly by statically analyzing each item, identifying malicious behavior and prioritizing analyst workflow.

  • Speed of Response

    With Bricata, analysts can close the gap between detection and response faster than ever and accelerate incident response.

  • Smart PCAP

    Quickly access relevant data during an investigation with reduced storage requirements from Smart PCAP.

  • Customizable & Flexible

    Bricata’s powerful platform is flexible and can be customized to create the workflows, use cases and integrations to meet your specific needs.

  • Informed Threat Hunting

    With Bricata, analysts hunt for threats using the ground truth of network traffic, something entirely unique in the market.

  • High-Fidelity Data Access

    Bricata users get immediate answers in just a few clicks.

  • Forensics

    Investigate events in detail quickly and effectively using evidence found in the original packets and files recorded from the network.

  • Total Network Visibility

    The way Bricata captures traffic, the way it is visualized, and the embedded tools that enable rich context and threat hunting give users complete awareness in an instant.

  • Full-Spectrum Threat Detection 

    Suricata-powered signature inspection, Zeek-powered anomaly detection and ML based malware conviction provide a comprehensive and effective multi-faceted approach.

Benefits of the Bricata Platform

  • Scalable & Straightforward

    Simple, totally agnostic software solution that grows with you

  • Speed

    Respond to alerts faster and shorten network dwell time

  • Optimize Investments

    Seamless integration of detection, alerts & context on a single platform

  • Metadata Views

    Total visibility and full context at your fingertips

  • Empowers Security Teams

    Reduces noise and prioritizes alerts so analysts can maximize their expertise

  • Correlate Detections

    Open APIs that connect your existing tools for easy research right from the platform