Use Bricata to Search, Hunt and Explore on Real Data in a Cloud Lab Environment

Bricata.Labs gives you unique access to try Bricata on your own, using real data. Use Bricata.Labs to search real threats, understand context and take action – for free. No paperwork. No software installs. It’s the best way to understand the impact, firsthand.

Track Alerts

Use Bricata.labs to find and follow alerts on common threats that you would face in your own network.

Capture the Flag

Bricata helps enterprises reduce time-to-discovery and time-to-containment by providing visibility into their networks with advanced threat detection, and by enabling threat hunting to identify unknown threats.

Test Your Workflow

Use Bricata alongside the other tools in your workflow to understand how the platform augments and streamlines the activities you do every day.

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