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& Response

See, Know & Act in a Single Platform

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Bricata is the only end-to-end network detection and response platform that allows both security teams and the entire enterprise to collaborate better, reduce security risk and solve network problems faster than ever before.

Total Security Meets
Total Freedom

Hardware Agnostic, software-based NDR for secure edge, core, and cloud deployments

Cloud adoption, BYOD and shadow IT and increased dependence on SaaS apps have made the task of securing the modern enterprise extremely difficult and complex for the most dedicated security teams. Ensuring network visibility and effectively managing risk while maintaining availability and seamless collaboration has become an impossible balancing act using traditional tools.

Bricata unifies and simplifies securing hybrid, multi-cloud and IoT environments in real-time so security teams can effectively defend and secure their networks without limiting or slowing down the rest of the enterprise.


  • End-to-End Visibility &
    Meaningful Visualization

See everything that happens on your network in an instant, with all the high-fidelity metadata at your fingertips so you can know in real-time how users, devices, systems and applications are behaving on the network.

  • Advanced 360 Detection &
    Powerful Analytics

Automatically address the known, instantly detect the unknown and see the pattern of the unknown unknowns on your network, all while virtually eliminating false positives. Multiple threat detection engines work continuously to ensure all network traffic is inspected from every angle to optimize threat detection and surface problems that you aren’t looking for.

  • Real-time Context & Insight for Alerts

Avoid waiting for answers from a black box and have everything you need to see, understand and know the truth in an instant about what’s really happening on your network.

  • Effective Response &
    Simple Network Instrumentation

Respond to and correlate alerts in real-time, with frictionless integrations to SIEM/SOC workflows and 3rd party threat intelligence tools. Deploy Bricata’s smart sensors in just a few clicks and easily instrument your network, so constant hardening is a continual and sustainable practice.


  • Advanced Forensics & Threat Hunting

Bricata’s long-term repository and powerful tools provide analysts with a way to truly investigate and validate a threat by providing enough data to accurately follow the kill-chain and assess the real damage or even prove the alert false. Follow a hunch to explain strange network behavior, research a hypothesis to uncover an unknown threat, or lean into your curiosity to gain insight into normal operations to upskill your understanding of the network.

Everything you need and nothing you don’t.

  • Only pay for what you need with consumption-based pricing
  • Open to everything you have right now or want to integrate later on
  • Consolidate, maximize and leverage security investments
  • Scalable NDR with Easy Instrumentation
  • Hardware agnostic and software-based
  • Straightforward subscription model
  • Long-term repository with rich, fully-indexed metadata
  • Robust threat hunting and forensic analytic tools

Experience Bricata for Yourself

The Platform that Makes Analysts Love the Workday Again

Immediate Visibility & Insight

Bricata’s self-configuring system is completely ready to provide network visibility, threat detection/alerts, and threat hunting capabilities within minutes.

  • Connect to your network seamlessly with your existing stack
  • Deploy sensors in minutes and get immediate visibility of your entire network
  • Powerful OTB easy to instrument and customize to fit your needs
  • Full support and onboarding to help you maximize the platform tools
  • Break down silos and share visibility and data across the enterprise


“Bricata makes our life easier. It’s a truly reliable solution that brings the best of available network forensic, inspection, and data visualization technology in one well-orchestrated solution.”

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