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Natural Network Threat Hunting Emerging as One Key to Modern Cybersecurity

Discover how a powerful network threat hunting platform built into a comprehensive IDPS solution can deliver improved protection by identifying the true scope…


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In incident response, every second counts. The longer a breach remains uncontained the more expensive and damaging it becomes. Yet many organizations still...

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Case Study

To increase its capacity to deliver quality care, a large healthcare provider is acquiring independent doctors’ practices and integrating them into their larger...

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Data Sheet

Bricata simplifies network threat hunting by combining powerful detection, prevention and analytics capabilities to provide actionable insights meant to prevent future threats and protect...

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Data Sheet

Retail environments are high-value targets, based on the financial data frequently collected across retail field offices, making them more prone to sophisticated targeted...

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Data Sheet

The problems plaguing financial institutions when it comes to protecting incredibly sensitive data are complex. Distributed networks increasing the attack surface, unique requirements...

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White Paper

Explore the differences between build-it-yourself vs. commercial IDS/IPS solutions Creating sustainable cybersecurity solutions for your organization is challenging. Frequently, organizations building out security solutions...

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Bricata Included as a Representative Vendor in a new Market Guide for Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems by Gartner, Inc.
“IDS is still a widely deployed use case. Despite claims of IDS being dead, it is alive and well, and in use by a large percentage of Gartner clients,” wrote Gartner analysts.
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