Use Cases

Ways to Use Bricata’s Comprehensive NDR Platform

Gain Immediate,
End-to-End Visibility

  • Bricata’s sensors are a single software based appliance that deploys in minutes
  • Bricata’s self-configuring system is completely ready to use within minutes providing network visibility, threat detection/alerts, and threat hunting capabilities

Secure Remote
Enterprise Networks

  • Protect against Infiltration from untrusted external networks (North-South)
  • Prevent Lateral Movement (East-West) throughout your enterprise
  • Quickly deploy Bricata’s full stack of visibility and protection and connect confidently

Monitor BYOD
& Cloud Environments

  • Instrument and secure your public cloud IaaS deployments as you would your data center.
  • Attach network segments of unknown trustworthiness to secured, trusted networks in a matter of minutes

Metadata Access &
Threat Hunting

  • Access rich metadata with real-time visibility or instantly access longer-term network history for investigations and remediation

Detect and Respond
in Real-time

  • Bricata’s straightforward software licensing means there are no ‘optional’ extras one license supports all features
  • Inspect network traffic from every angle with Bricata’s multi-faceted suite of best-in-breed threat detection powered by Cylance, Zeek, Suricata and more

Remove DIY

  • Replace home-grown open source-based deployments with a single commercial off-the-shelf solution that comes fully integrated, ready to go out-of-the-box with seamless integration into many of your existing security tools

Proactively Find
Unknown Threats

  • Conduct retrospective network traffic analysis and back-test historical data to determine whether threats infiltrated your environment prior to known indicators being available. Apply what you know now to historical insights.

Gain Meaningful
Visualizations and
Flexible Network Views

  • See everything in a single pane of glass and create custom views for what matters most for your network.


“Bricata makes our life easier. It’s a truly reliable solution that brings the best of available network forensic, inspection, and data visualization technology in one well-orchestrated solution.”

Experience Bricata

Experience Bricata

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